The following review for the MacCase 15" MacBook Pro Backpack was reprinted here by permission from the Joseph Watt / Razormaid Productions Facbook page.

Mr. Watt has been using a MacCase Backpack for, in his words, "the last 100 years". He is currently using our MacBook Pro 17" MacPack Combo Backpack from the early 2000s and our latest 15" MacBook Pro Backpack.

Joseph Watt

The Man, the Myth the Legend

Mr. Watt is the owner and co-founder of RazorMaid Productions which is a subscription based remix service for DJs. They once released 12" records and still produce CDs containing exclusive dance remixes of songs by various artists. The company was founded in 1984. If you come of age in the 80's or 90's you know his work. 

Razormaid has released remixed tracks by numerous well-known artists, including:

  • Depeche Mode
  • New Order
  • Erasure
  • Madonna, 
  • Pet Shop Boys, 
  • Front 242, 
  • Nitzer Ebb, 
  • Cabaret Voltaire, 
  • Yello, 
  • Telex, 
  • Eurythmics, 
  • The Human League, 
  • Dead or Alive, 
  • Gary Numan, 
  • Jean Michel Jarre, 
  • Kraftwerk, 
  • Red Flag, 
  • Underworld
  • Orbital.

It also has had the distinction of being the first remix service to have had its remixes featured on 12" releases by the major labels.

Mr. Watt travels expensively around the world to work with artists, do live shows, conduct seminars and make personal appearances. All the photos used in this post of the 15" MacBook Pro Backpack were taken by Mr. Watt. 

MacBook Pro Touch Bar Backpack

"I don't endorse things very often but I want to steer you guys toward a product that I think is really excellent. I've been using them since the 90s and now they've come out with a laptop backpack that's such an improvement over anything I've seen, I wanted to share with all of you. 

The Best MacBook Backpacks for Almost 20 Years

For nearly 2 decades MacCase has been my "go to" company for all my laptop needs. I travel a lot and I need something not only comfortable, but can handle my excessive weight requirements. "

(Mr Watt sent us a note saying the follow about his nearly decade old MacCase MacPack Combo Backpack: "It’s still functioning but considering I carried it world wide for autograph signing parties with a 17” laptop and two iPad plus BEATS headphones and all the power adapters and cables - it must have been at least 60+ pounds and lasted this many years."

Let is be said that MacCase does not endorse carrying 60lbs of gear in any of our MacBook Pro Touch Backpacks or any of our other products!)

"Anyone that's ever met me at the airport and reached out their arm and said "oh here I'll take that for you", felt their arm jerk to the ground as they tried to lift up my 60 pound laptop backpack. LOL 

Not only do I take my 15" laptop, but 2 iPads, a bottle of water, Beats Headphones, hard drive, power supply and enough cables to start my own radio shack. 

So last year when Apple rebuilt my entire 17" laptop brand new for free, except the outer shell, I thought "since this is good to go another 5 years let me grab a new back pack while I can. I was crushed to find out, just like the 17" MacBook Pro laptop, my tried and true MacCase MacPack Combo Backpack was no longer in production.

Why would they? Apple hasn't made a 17" MacBook Pro in 7 years. Fortunately (or unfortunately for them) I only replace my bags every 5 years so it now looks like my last one, will be my last one. 

A New Backpack for My New 15" MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Then in November, because I am a beta tester for Apple, I felt obligated to get a new 2016 MacBook Pro with "Touch Bar" laptop to help figure out the numerous problems they had "out of the gate" and the biggest screen size they make now is 15". So off to MacCase I went. 

I bought what I thought was the 15" version of my current backpack but sadly it was not. It was sooooooo much better!!! Of course I immediately called begging for "that which they do It make any more" (a 17" version of this backpack) but trust me I am more than happy to enjoy the feast in front of me instead. 

OMG. This thing is so perfect! Not only did they "rearrange" how things are stored and distributed in the backpack, but they did in a very very compact body. Seriously this thing is amazingly slim! 

Interior of the best 15 MacBook Pro Touch Bar Backpack

The main section not only securely houses my laptop with padding on both sides, but opposite that is an iPad holder which does not allow the two to touch or come near the laptop AT ALL!

In fact, between them is such a useful generous area that it holds my "over the ear" Beats Headphones in its hard protective shell, which as you know is not small, but as you can see it holds 2 bottles of ice cold water!

I can even put a change of clothes and still have room. And that's just the area where the laptop is housed. (by the way, before I forget, the carrying handle has been moved slightly forward not exactly on the top, which makes carrying this sooooo much more comfortable. Although 90% of the time it's on my back.)

Interior compartment of the best MacBook Pro Touch Bar backpack

In the enclosed pictures the front compartment is housing a yellow 4TB hard drive on one side and the power "brick" for the computer on the other side - both up and away from the bottom of the bag. (Did I mention this is a backpack. Holy crap!)

MacBook Pro Touch Bar Backpack Accessory Pouch - A Must Have

The bottom of the front compartment houses a separate laptop accessory pouch that you can get with your backpack to hold all and I do mean ALL your cables, adapters even a damn pitch pipe to help Madonna get back on pitch (Sorry Terry!). It even allows room for a bottle of screen cleaner and it's cleaning cloth. 

With the accessory pouch you really do have to see it to believe it, so in the pictures I actually pulled all the cables and adapters out that's needed now to connect all my stuff to the new the MacBook Pro Touch Bar model, due to the 4 USB-C ports. (What the hell Apple? But that's a different review). 

The MacCase Laptop Accessory Pouch

Seriously anyone looking for great Apple carrying cases or in my situation, a MacBook Pro Touch Bar backpack so I can carry my luggage at the same time - MacCase and this 15" backpack in particular is for you. Check them out.

Tell them Razormaid sent you!"

Everyone at MacCase would like to thank Joseph Watt for taking the time out of his busy day to write this review and post it to his social media followers. Mr. Watt, like so many MacCase customers, is a person who makes things happen. He helps create and shape the culture we live in. MacCase is proud and humbled to be a small part of helping these dynamic individuals do what they do. 

Do you have a story of how a MacCase product helps you do what you do better? Share it with us in the comments below!

"This is the best MacBook Backpack, it's so perfect!"

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Jody K. Deane
by Jody K. Deane April 06, 2017



virginia said:

Hi , I want to purchase this backpack, however it looks like you don’t ship to nz ? Is that correct? thanks .

Jody K.

Jody K. said:

Virginia – We do ship to NZ. It will be expensive but we can do it. Did the cart system say that we could not? Email for any questions about shipping. She’ll be happy to help.

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