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  • Apple Laptop Cases - The New MacCase Custom Program
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Apple Laptop Cases - The New MacCase Custom Program

MacCase invented the market for Apple laptop cases in 1999. In 2007, they reinvented it with a line of Apple laptop bags called the Premium Leather Collection. Now in 2017, MacCase is taking the market for Apple MacBook Pro cases and iPad Pro cases to a whole new level by introducing the MacCase Custom Program. 

Logo for the MacCase Apple Laptop Cases Custom Program

A Custom Program for Apple Laptop and Tablet Cases?

MacCase customers are special. Like the old Apple commercial about the "crazy ones", MacCase customers move the world forward. People who live these kinds of dynamic lives know what they want. And while MacCase tries to offer a broad range of models, both in price point and style, not every Apple Mac case or iPad case solution we offer is right for every person. 

Potential customers will often let us know that they really like a specific MacCase MacBook Pro case but they just wish it was offered in a different color. Or maybe they want a horizontal case to carry their iPad Pro 12.9 and their 15" MacBook Pro together. Or maybe they just want one of our leather folios in red or pink. 

So they're presented with several options: Purchase a MacCase Apple laptop case that they like but maybe not love or purchase something from another manufacturer that is possibly aesthetically less pleasing but closer to the functionality they need. Quite the dilemma. 

All dilemmas are really opportunities wearing a different name tag. MacCase customers are special, remember. They know what they want. We know this because they call or write and tell us. And more than a few have asked if we could make a custom Apple laptop bag for them. We thought, why not?

The handcrafted custom Apple laptop cases from MacCase

Meet the Custom Program for Apple Laptop Cases

After speaking at length with our tannery, we developed a plan for creating custom Apple laptop cases and iPad cases for our most discriminating customers. When you visit our forthcoming Custom Program page, you'll be asked to choose which MacCase Premium Leather model you'd like to base you custom Apple Mac case or iPad case on. 

Once you're selected your model, you'll be asked to choose an exterior color from 3 finish options. The finish options are: Smooth, Distressed and Pebble Grain. In total, there should be 12 options to choose from for the exterior color/ finish of your Apple MacBook Pro case or iPad Pro case. 

In addition to choosing the exterior color and texture of the leather, we are also offering the option of choosing the thread color. All MacCase Premium Leather models have contrasting white stitching on the acred panels of the design. You can choose to keep this detail or have your thread color monochromatic.

There will be 5 thread color options from which to choose: Black, Tan, White, Red and Brown. Whether you choose the contrasting white or the monochromatic, like exotic automobile interiors, choosing the thread color of your bag, sleeve, folio or jacket is a way to add a serious level of customization, creativity and individuality to your custom build.

For the interior, three color options will be offered for the liner: Black, Gray and Beige. Once you choose the model you'd like to customize, you'll have approximately 325 options from which to build your dream Apple laptop case or tablet case. Having the ability to add an embossed monogram logo to your custom case is also something we hope to include in the program. Details are still being finalized for this feature. 

Custom MacCase Flight Jackets - Apple laptop bags

...One More Thing. Truly Custom Apple Laptop Cases

If one of our current Premium Leather models is not quite what you are looking for, a custom designed case can be created for you. This "next level" of customization does come at a premium, but again, our customers know what they want and we want to apply our industry leading creativity to help them get it. 

For example, a long time customer called us to ask why we didn't make the Premium Leather iPad Pro Briefcase for the 15" MacBook Pro as well. We explained that this was something we were looking at. He explained that this was the case he wanted. So we decided to test the Custom Program on this very design.

Not only did he want the leather iPad Pro Briefcase redesigned for the 15" MacBook Pro Touch Bar, but wanted the case to hold his iPad Pro 12.9 as well. An all new design was created to meet these specifications with photos sent to the customer for approval along the way. The customer was so happy with the results, he actually ordered 2 pieces, one in smooth chocolate brown and one in smooth black hides. 

Both came out stunning and were exactly what he wanted and what he was looking for. Delivering that level of satisfaction is exactly what this new custom laptop case program is all about. 

Are these kind of custom designed, ground up, clean sheet of paper Apple laptop cases right for everyone? Probably not. But if you know what you want and don't see it on our site, visit our Custom Program page and fill out the form once it's available.  At the bottom you will find a text box where you can let us know exactly what it is you want. 

A Legacy of the Best in Apple Portable Protection

MacCase has always lead. From our first case for Apple's original clamshell iBook that birthed an industry, to our current state of the art cases, bags sleeves and backpacks for the iPad Pro12.9 and 9.7, MacCase has always represented the best in Apple portable protection. 

With the launch of our Custom Program, MacCase will take our mission to a whole new level. With 15 models to choose from and 324 options, you've got 4860 possible ways to create the Apple laptop case of your dreams. This doesn't even include the possibility of us designing a custom case just for you.

If you've looked around the internet, the big box stores and brick and mortar boutiques and haven't seen quite what you are looking for, have a look at the Custom Program page. See what's available. Many women wish our cases came in different colors. Our Custom Program offers colors like Red, Tan, Chocolate and Pink. These are slightly more fashionable than our standard production Black and Vintage Brown, we admit.

The point of the Custom Program is to allow you, the customer, to build the MacBook Pro case or iPad Pro case of your dreams. You chose the design, the colors, finish, interior, even the thread color. Fill out the form. Once we receive it, our design staff will review it and get back to you with a quote. 

You've invested in the most expensive laptop or tablet in the world, a machine that holds information about who you are, what you do and where your going. Doesn't it deserve a case that equally expresses who you are? We'd love to build a case for you. 

"We developed a plan for creating custom Apple laptop cases and iPad cases for our most discriminating customers..." 


  • Jody K. Deane

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