In the modern world, where our iPads are as indispensable as our morning coffee, protecting these invaluable devices is paramount. This comprehensive guide delves into the world of iPad cases, including rear covers, iPad folios, and sleeves, to help you understand how they safeguard your prized possession.

Whether you're looking for an leather 13 iPad Pro case, leather 13 iPad Air case, leather 11 iPad Pro case or an 11 iPad Air case, the goal is the same, to protect your Apple portable. But do you even need a protective iPad case, cover or sleeve to begin with?

Do Cases Protect iPads?

The answer to the question, "Do cases protect iPads?" is an unequivocal yes. However, the degree of protection largely depends on the type of iPad case you choose.

Folio-style iPad Pro cases offer comprehensive protection against scratches, drops, and dust. They are highly recommended for individuals who carry their tablets around in their bags, as they keep the entire device secure.

What sets a folio-style iPad case apart is their multi-functionality. Many of these iPad cases feature built-in stands, transforming your Apple portable into a viewing platform for video calls, movies, or presentations.

Folio cases are available in various materials, from high-impact plastics to premium, ethically sourced leather, catering to your preferred style and budget.

Let's have a look at some of the options.

• Rugged Cases: The Best Guardians

A rugged 13 iPad Pro case or a rugged 11 iPad Pro case is the way to go if you are moving your Apple tablet through a hostile environment. This can be a backpack full of other, potentially damaging items or a literal war zone where debris, dust, and impacts are the norm. A tough, shockproof case is designed for these types of environments. 

iPad Cases with Pencil Holders: The Creatives Choice

An iPad Pro 13 case with pencil holder or an Pad Pro 11 case with pencil holder offers superior protection. The PC shell defends against impacts, while TPU absorbs shocks. The built-in holder keeps your Apple Pencil secure and accessible, preventing loss and damage, all in a convenient, single solution.

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• Back Covers: The Defenders

iPad back covers, also known as back cases, are among the simplest and most common Apple tablet accessories. While they provide essential protection to the back of your iPad, their focus is primarily on safeguarding against scratches and minor dings.

iPad back covers are sleek, lightweight, and easy to install, adding a minimalist layer of security without compromising the iPad's aesthetics. While they may not offer comprehensive protection, they are a practical choice for those who value the slim and elegant design of their Apple tablet.

• Sleeves: The On-the-Go Protectors

While rear covers and folio cases offer a blend of style and protection, sleeves provide a distinct solution for tablet owners who value portability and simplicity. These slim, minimalist pouches are designed to envelop your Apple portable when not in use. They are ideal for protecting your device inside a bag, backpack, or briefcase.

However, they lack the ongoing protection that rear covers or iPad folio cases provide during actual use. Sleeves are an excellent choice for those who prefer the naked look and feel of their iPad but still want to ensure it remains unscathed when stored in a larger bag.

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Why Do You Need an iPad Case?

Those are some of the types of iPad cases but what do they actually do? How do they protect? Let's take a close look.

Everyday items like keys, pens, and other gadgets in your bag can leave unsightly marks on your tablet. An iPad case acts as a barrier, preserving the pristine look of your device.

Accidents happen. A case, especially iPad folio cases or those with reinforced corners, can absorb the shock of a fall, preventing damage to your iPad.

Dust and debris can accumulate in ports, affecting your iPad's performance. A case can keep these contaminants at bay.

Many cases come with added features like stands, allowing for more comfortable use during video calls or presentations.

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What is the Best Case for an Apple iPad?

The question of the "best" case for an Apple iPad is subjective and largely dependent on individual preferences and needs. Finding the ideal case involves considering various factors to ensure it aligns with your requirements.

Here are some key features to consider when searching for the best iPad case.

- Device Compatibility

Begin by ensuring the case is compatible with your specific iPad model. Cases are often designed for a particular model or series, so double-check to ensure a perfect fit.

- Protection Level

Assess how much protection your iPad needs. If you mainly use it at home, a simple rear cover might suffice to guard against scratches. However, if you frequently travel or use it in bustling environments, opt for a more robust case that provides full-body protection.

- Materials

The choice of material impacts the case's durability and aesthetics. Common materials include hard and soft plastics, leather, silicone, and fabric. Select a material that complements your style while offering the desired level of protection.

- Design

Consider the case's design features and aesthetics. An aesthetic iPad case for a lawyer will not look the same as an aesthetic iPad case for a child. Part of finding the best iPad case is finding a design that resonates with your personal sense of style.

- Functionality

How you intend to use your iPad influences the case you should choose. Some cases come with integrated stands, pencil holders, or smart covers that trigger sleep/wake functions. Think about which features would enhance your iPad usage.

- Reviews and Recommendations

Read user reviews and seek recommendations to get insights into real-world experiences with different cases. Others' feedback can help you make an informed decision.

To gain some additional perspective, we brought the question to MacCase Chief Creative Officer Michael Santoro who has been designing iPad cases since the tablets were introduced in 2010:

"At the heart of tablet computing is its portability. If you are going to carry it there is a chance you might drop it. This need to protect gave rise to the iPad case market. But not all cases provide the same level of protection. This is a key factor to understand."

"The best iPad case is ultimately one that aligns with your unique needs, preferences, and lifestyle. By carefully considering these factors, you can find a case that offers the perfect balance of protection, style, and functionality for your Apple tablet."

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