The MacBook Air 15 is worth considering if you prioritize portability and general day-to-day tasks. However, for users demanding higher performance and more extensive display options, the MacBook Pro 16 or the balanced MacBook Pro 14 might be more suitable choices.

If you plan on moving any of these expensive Apple portables through the world, you're going to need a MacBook Air case. Whether you choose a simple, clip-on MacBook hardshell case, MacBook cover, a specific 13-inch Mac Air case, a 15-inch MacBook Air case, or a full-grain, leather MacBook case, the goal is the same: To protect your investment.

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But which MacBook to invest in? The decision to get a MacBook Air 15 depends on your specific needs and priorities. To assess its worth, let's compare it to its counterparts: the more powerful MacBook Pro 16 and the smaller MacBook Pro 14.

MacBook Air 15

- Pros

The MacBook Air 15 is designed for portability. It is lighter and more compact than its Pro counterparts, making it an excellent choice for users who prioritize mobility.

Battery Life:

The MacBook Air series is known for its impressive battery life. If long-lasting battery performance is crucial for your usage, the MacBook Air 15 might be a suitable option.

Silent Operation:

The MacBook Air's fan-less design contributes to a silent operation, making it an ideal choice for users who prefer a noise-free computing experience.

- Cons

Performance Limitations:

While suitable for everyday tasks, the MacBook Air 15 might not match the processing power of the MacBook Pro 16, particularly for resource-intensive activities like video editing or 3D rendering.

Limited Graphics Capabilities:

The integrated graphics on the MacBook Air 15 might be less powerful than the dedicated graphics available in the MacBook Pro models, impacting performance in graphics-intensive applications.

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• MacBook Pro 16: 

- Pros

High Performance:

The MacBook Pro 16 is a powerhouse, equipped with high-performance processors and dedicated graphics. It excels in demanding tasks such as video editing, graphic design, and gaming.

Larger Display:

The 16-inch display offers a more immersive viewing experience, making it ideal for professionals working with detailed visual content.

- Cons

Heavier and Bulkier:

The MacBook Pro 16 is larger and heavier, which might be a drawback for users who prioritize portability. If you plan on transporting it, the Mac Pro 16-inch case will be larger and possibly heavier.

• MacBook Pro 14

- Pros

Balanced Performance:

The MacBook Pro 14 strikes a balance between portability and performance. It features powerful processors and dedicated graphics in a more compact form factor.

Enhanced Display:

The 14-inch display is an improvement over the MacBook Air 15-inch, providing a more advanced screen without the bulk of the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The MacBook Pro 14-inch case to hold this laptop will be smaller, lighter and less bulky than one for the larger 15-inch Air or 16-inch Pro.

- Cons

Moderate Portability

While more portable than the MacBook Pro 16, the MacBook Pro 14 is still heavier and larger than the MacBook Air, making it less suitable for users prioritizing extreme portability.

In summary, The decision to get a MacBook Air 15 ultimately hinges on your specific needs, usage patterns, and preferences.

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Do They Still Make 15-inch MacBooks?

Yes. Apple no longer manufactures the 15-inch MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro 15-inch was discontinued in June 2022. However, Apple has introduced a new 15-inch option in the form of the 15-inch MacBook Air.

This larger Air model, released in June 2023, features the same M2 chip as its 13-inch counterpart but boasts a larger display and superior performance. While not a direct replacement for the 15-inch MacBook Pro, the new Air offers a powerful and portable option for those who prefer a larger screen size.

Is the 15-inch MacBook Discontinued?

One 15-inch MacBook model was discontinued but replaced by another. The 15-inch MacBook Pro model was discontinued in June of 2022 after a long run. It was replaced with the 15-inch MacBook Air which now sits between the 14-inch Pro and the 16-inch Pro.

Which MacBook Has a 15-inch Screen?

As of January 2024, the MacBook with a 15-inch screen is the MacBook Air 15-inch. It replaced the much-loved 15-inch MacBook Pro in June of 2023.

When did the MacBook Air 15-inch Come Out?

The MacBook Air 15-inch was released in June 2023 slotting between the 14- MacBook Pro and the 16-inch MacBook Pro in Apple's laptop lineup.

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