We the arrival of our Folios for the 12.9 and the expectation of the remaining Premium Leather iPad Pro models arriving at the ned of the month, our attention now turns to the leather iPad Pro 9.7 case

MacCase Premium Leather iPad Pro 9.7 Cases

For Apple's newest tablet, MacCase's focus will be solely on producing the world's best Folio for the 9.7. That's it. Sure, the smaller, lighter tablet will fit into many of our other models like our Flight Jacket and the new horizontal Briefcase. So there is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to multiple models for the 9.7.

There was a slogan used for a very short time by General Motor's truck division several years ago that read, "Do one thing, do it well". We going to borrow that for our 9.7 program. 

iPad Pro 9.7 Case Design - The Evolution Continues

At MacCase, we pride ourselves on doing good design. The company was founded by an award winning, professional designer who was quite successful in the auto industry. Our product designs tend to evolve over time. We try to get the concept right from the start. We try to get the visual proportions right from the start. We make ever effort to get the function right from the start.

If we are successful then that basic concept will, through the feedback from our wonderful customers, evolve over time, improving with each production run. We have been making a version of our Premium Leather Folio design since day one of the iPad's existence.

Just looking at it, the concept was simple: A book like wrapper to which the iPad would slot into and live in during use. Executing this simple concept at our standard of design proved to be exceptionally difficult. 

A stamped steel alloy frame would be used to hold the iPad in place. Many of the iPad cases at the time, and still to this day, used a molded plastic snap in rear cover that held the tablet in place. These were great right out of the box. A month or two later things were not so great when the corners started to break off and the rest of the case started to crack and fall apart. 

Our frame is labor intensive to create. Once the steel is stamped and the basic frame is created, various pieces are added and welded in place to create the structure that will hold the tablet. It's then tested for fit to make sure it meets the spec. It would be great to have a team of robots working 24hrs a day doing this for us, but alas, we're going at it with the grit, passion and skill of human hands. 

Leather iPad Pro 9.7 Cases - It's All About the Hides

There are plenty of leather iPad cases available. The majority of them are made in China and the hides used are what the industry would call "bonded leather". Many Chinese manufactures call their material "genuine leather" when it's just a nice vinyl. Again, the material is called PU leather. PU meaning polyurethane. What part of the cow does polyurethane come from again?

With the fashion industry's fascination with copying a large, famous European design house, specifically one with the initials "LV", the lines between what people traditionally think of as quality leather and cheap plastic have blurred immensely.

Fashion houses are charging several thousand dollars for women's handbags that feel exactly like a bag made from plastic. They can call the material whatever fancy French name their marketing departments can dream up, but it feels exactly like plastic. Knockoffs of this type of material is what China exports to the world with their leather iPad cases. 

When MacCase created the "premium case" market for Apple portables in 2007, the goal was to juxtapose the cool, clinical feel of Apple's products against the warm, natural feel of the best hides we could find. In order to achieve this, the last thing we wanted were hides that felt like plastic. 

Did We Mention the Quality?

We searched long and hard across the globe before discovering the generations old leather craft industry in based around Kolkata, India. They could make the hides to the quality that we had imagined when we dreamt up the "Premium Leather Collection". 

The quality of the hides we use is far and away superior to the "bonded" or "genuine" leather of the products coming out of China. Many attempts to copy our signature Vintage hide have been made, all inferior. Most companies are deftly afraid to make products with an open pore, raw, unfinished leather. We weren't. 

Leather hides

Our hides are only sourced from cows that pass naturally. These are dairy cows that are put out to pasture after their milk producing days are over. They live out their natural lives in the hills at the foot of the Himalayas. The lack of availability of the hides we use sometimes causes delays in our production, but we feel sourcing our hides this way is the most ethical and humane way to do it. 

Once the hides are secured and vegetable tanned, they are brought in for cutting and assembly. Unlike the "speed lines" that dominate most of the world's bag and case production, the MacCase Premium Leather production line is not what would call a production line at all. It's more like Santa's workshop. Small tables. Specialized tools. Experienced eyes. Passionate hands. 

Making the Leather iPad Pro 9.7 Case

The concept is set. The materials have been sourced. The craftsman are itching to get started. What will they be making? As stated at the beginning, the goal is nothing short of the world' best leather case for the iPad Pro 9.7. All the best materials in the world are not going to do much for you if your design is unattractive or doesn't function. 

Our Premium Leather iPad Pro cases for the 9.7 are going to be the most feature filled Folios we have ever made. All the elements will be balanced to create a visual design that is interesting, professional and timeless. Our industry leading solution for storing the Apple Pencil takes on an even larger roll proportionally, due to it living in a much smaller relative space (than the 12.9 Folio). Each stitch must be perfect for this to work. 

Our SoundBoard feature that projects sound out and away from the case (not muffle it) is expand to work with all 4 of the 9.7s speakers. The allows you to use a lower volume for the same level that you would use without the case, extending battery life. 

The most functional of the new features come in the form of indents into the frame that holds the 9.7. These indents along the long axis of each side of the frame allow access to the control panels that live beyond the edge of the screen. More and more customers are using these control features so having access to them is now critical. This access will be part of the Premium Leather iPad Pro 9.7 Folio design. It will also be implemented in future versions of the 12.9 Folio. 

Interior of the new MacCase Premium Leather iPad Pro Cases for the 9.7

The Best Leather iPad Pro 9.7 Case in the World?

When all is said and done, only our customers will tell us whether we have succeeded in building the best leather iPad Pro case in the world. They have stood by us since the beginning. It is their support for our passion and commitment to building the best in Apple portable protection that continues to motivate us. Now we have to deliver. 

"Our Leather iPad Pro 9.7 case is going to be the best we've ever made"




Jody K. Deane
by Jody K. Deane June 15, 2016

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