Recently, MacCase has had a influx of orders from some high profile customers including Ralph Lauren, Neil Diamond and Hollywood actor Vince Lozano of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. 

As we celebrate bringing these new customers into the MacCase family, no story moved us in the way that the story I am about to share with you did.

Long time customer Joey R wrote to us to share his story about his brother and how his MacCase Premium Leather iPad Pro 12.9 Flight Jacket was part of a very special, life altering day. After discussing it further with Joey, he gave us permission to share his story with you. 

Laying a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery

Joey wrote:

"I just wanted you to know that this last Saturday was a life-altering day in my life. My brother, who died in Los Angeles 28 years ago, was a decorated Army Sergeant who served in Korea during the big tensions of 1976. 

His death was the result of a homicide and it was never investigated. My brother's death was largely anonymous and his name was never even listed publically. He was buried without his family present and we discovered about his passing and burial months later. 

When I shared this story to a colleague at the Pentagon, a miracle happened. The Department of the Army invited me to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in his memory. I was overwhelmed. The President of the United States lays wreaths at this most sacred shrine in our country. It is one of the rarest moments when a civilian is asked to lay a wreath.

After all these years, I let my brother go. He can now rest In peace... and so can I. The reason I'm sharing this story with you is that your leather iPad Pro Flight Jacket was there. As a long time customer I have carried your Flight Jackets when I worked at the White House, in Congress and other places of consequence. In my opinion, you have the best and most functional leather cases on the market.

Although I did not carry my iPad Pro to Arlington National Cemetery last Saturday, your Flight Jacket carried all programs, pins and other emblems for the ceremony. I am most grateful to you and your team for excellence in product design and customer service. I am a happy customer of many years and recommend you to many.

On this, a most sacred moment in my life, I laid a wreath in my brother's memory and proudly carried the MacCase Premium Leather iPad Pro Flight Jacket for most of the rest of the day. Thank you for being a part of my journey of life!"


Joey R


Arlington Walk

As a company whose mission it is to put the very best products we can into the world, we are humbled and honored that Joey choose his MacCase leather iPad Pro 12.9 Flight Jacket to accompany him to Arlington National Cemetery for such an important day in his life. 

In a follow up email Joey told us:

"Once again, I truly believe you and your team of gifted artisans make the best leather bags on the market. Count me as a loyal customer for years to come."

An embrace at Arlington National Cemetery

When we sit down to design our Premium Leather models, we try to imbue them with a weight and a presence that would make them at home in a large number of situations. The weight and presence of the moment that Joey shared with us was beyond anything we could have planned or designed for. Again, we are humbled and honored to have been part of this day. 

Everyone at MacCase would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Joey for allowing us to share his story with the world. 

If you have a story about how a MacCase product has been there at a special moment in your life or, just how it gets you through each day, please write and let us know. We would love to share your story too. You can reach us through the contact box below. 


Jody K. Deane
by Jody K. Deane February 16, 2017


Nneka Porter

Nneka Porter said:

That was a touching story! I, too, love my MacCase and use it all of the time. I’m glad that he is at peace with his brother’s death, now. :-) #armystrong

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