How to Choose the Best Weekender or Overnight Bag (Expert Advice)

No matter what the season, it's always a good time to think about weekend getaways. While we all have a place we'd love to go and what we'd bring, what to pack it in might be a challenge. Often, what works for a week-long airplane trip is just too much for a few days away. 

This piece will give you things to look for when shopping for a new overnight bag  or duffle bag for a weekend getaway. 

There is probably not a city in the world that doesn't have a weekend getaway place for the people who live there. Some cities have several. It's typically far enough away to make you feel different, calmer, more peaceful. The environment may be more rural, more bucolic, or just different than the world you inhabit during the workweek. Most are accessible by car or maybe a bus or train.

Typically, a 2-3 hour drive or a 2-3 hour bus or train ride will take you to your getaway spot. You leave on Friday afternoon and return Sunday evening. This is the definition of a classic weekend getaway.

The destination can be anything from a simple cabin in the woods to a full-on, 5-star resort. Consequently, they serve the same purpose and are looking to achieve the same goal: To recharge your spiritual batteries, change your perspective and allow you to relax. 

Most people know what they'll pack for a trip like this. The problem comes from what to pack it in. This is where the weekend travel bag comes in. 

The travel bag market has exploded in the last few years. With the cost of entry low and a full breadth of materials available, the options for someone looking for a weekender bag are plentiful. Therefore, there are more styles and brands to choose from than ever.

Which begs the question, "which overnight bag is best for me?"

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The Best Overnight Bag

Before we begin, let's make some general assumptions about what a weekend travel bag consists of regardless of price. Typically they are about 20" x 10" x 12", give or take an inch or two in any given direction. A bigger weekender or overnight bag will hold more but might be more awkward to walk with or carry over your shoulder depending on your stature. 

Speaking of carrying, a handle or handles of some sort are often part of the design as is a removable shoulder strap. The bottom is usually flat so it's easy to load and unload. The flat bottom also helps prevent the satchel from shifting or rolling around during the actual travel. 

Zippers are the most used closure mechanism. The interiors usually consist of some sort of internal pockets, compartments, or organizing system, but not always. Sometimes the interior can be just one large open space. Organize accordingly.

Some exterior designs are broken up into different shapes that reflect different compartments. These designs tend to be visually busier than their "all in one" counterparts.

Again, this is an aesthetic choice that can also affect how the case functions for you. Moreover, if you think you'll be fishing in and out of various pockets while you're traveling, a satchel with exterior compartments might make this easier. 

People often ask what is "the best this" or "best that', never stopping to realize that what might be best for one person just won't work for another. Weekend travel bags and overnight bags are the same way. As everyone has individual needs and wants, there is no "best weekender bag". What's best is what's best for you. 

Like with other products, price or more specifically, how much you want or have to spend will come into play. Someone might consider a $1000 weekend travel bag to be the best. And it might be pretty special. But it cannot be the best option for someone looking to spend $300. 

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Overnight Bag - 5 Things to Consider When Buying

There are 5 aspects to shopping for any product. How much weight you give each one of these is up to you. This will impact the model you choose. It's the "why" of your purchase. Shopping for a weekend or overnight bag is no different. 

Materials, build quality and whose doing the manufacturing are key factors to consider when choosing an overnight bag. We will explore each of these factors more deeply below.

Then there is the matter of style. Your getaway weekender bag, like many of the other objects you choose to surround yourself with says a lot about who you are. It's an expression and extension of your personality.

Some are simple and workmanlike deriving their visual vocabulary from how the product is assembled or functions. On the other end of the spectrum are the high style, almost glamorous designs fully at home at any of the world's top getaway destinations. Consequently, don't underestimate the power of a beautiful design.

If a beautiful design is important to you then a weekend or overnight travel bag that features one is worth paying for. Many people opt for a less expensive bag thinking that it's not worth paying a higher price for one they love only to regret it later. It's something to think about. 

Lastly, there is value. Is this product worth the money I am paying for it? Is it overpriced or (dramatic pause), is it an excellent value? We'll look at each of these aspects and how they play into which overnight bag is right for you. 

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Your Weekender Bag - The Price You Pay

Everyone has heard the adage, you get what you pay for. If you're looking to spend under a hundred dollars for a weekender bag, you're probably looking at one made from man-made materials such as nylon or polyester. On the positive side, these tend to be lighter in weight than a weekend travel bag made from natural materials.

On the negative side, many in this price range are manufactured by brands that also make sportswear, workout gear, and gym clothes. They'll have plastic hardware and their interiors are usually neither padded nor lined. This is your basic duffle or gym bag.

They are available at all the major retail chain stores and major online outlets. The aesthetic designs tend to be formulaic and lack any sense of creative vision. Moreover, this lack of vision and content is usually plastered over with bright colors and oversized logos. If you're looking for a low-priced overnight bag with large logos in bright colors, this might your ticket. 

If you're looking to spend between $100 and $200 the market opens up a bit. When you move over the $100 mark for man-made weekend bags, the quality takes a  jump up. Why?

Companies know you can spend less than half on a nylon duffle bag so they better add some value. This typically takes the form of better quality, heavier nylon materials, nicer hardware (think metal instead of plastic), padding, and a liner of some sort that finishes the interior. Look for these features as prices climb. 

This price point also moves you into the lower end of the leather overnight bag spectrum. The problem with leather weekend bags at the low end of the market is the quality of the hides. Leather is much more expensive than nylon or polyester. If you're shopping for a leather overnight bag at a nylon price, there is a reason for it. 

Some online sites list "Genuine Leather" bags that are actually PCV which is polyvinyl chloride, or to use a simpler term, plastic. Be wary of this. This is where knowing a bit about the manufacturer comes in. 

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Who is Making Your Overnight Bags

The cut and sew industry is an easy business to get into. There is a plethora of "for hire" contract factories that will churn out their off-the-shelf designs and put your name on them or build custom overnight bags to your specs. Either way, you are beholden to their sense of quality. 

Bag companies that have been around a while are probably doing something right. It's a very competitive business for the aforementioned reasons. Consequently, the ones that are doing something fundamentally wrong, will not last. 

Another aspect to look for is how accessible a real person is. Is there a number to call? Did a real person answer? Were your questions answered or are you getting a run-around?

Did your email get a reply from a real person who answered your quest-up? If your question is replied to by a real person, that's a promising sign. These types of things matter, especially if you have a problem after the sale. 

When it comes to the manufacturers, ask how long they've been around. Check the reviews. What are customers saying about not only the product but the customer service? Lastly, what's their story? It's very trendy now for brands to "tell their story".

Their social media platforms are filled with "lifestyle" images trying to make a connection with potential customers. You either care about this or you don't. Maybe the "story" speaks to you, maybe it doesn't. Everyone likes to support brands they believe in. If this is important to you, there is no reason not to when shopping for a weekender bag

Your Leather Weekender Bag is Made Of What? 

Another major trend in the bag industry is calling the heretofore plastic, PVC bag "vegan" to make it sound more cute and cuddly. A "vegan" bag can just as easily be cotton or canvas, but this not how the industry is using the term.

They are using the term to mean, "non-leather". But they never mention what that non-leather material is. If it's not leather or cotton, then it's man-made. If it's man-made then there is an extremely high probability it's some kind of plastic. 

If they called it what it is, plastic, and were asking $1700 would that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? Be wary of the marketing hype and gimmicky phrases. Making an overnight bag out of plastic film is one of the cheapest ways to do it.

Calling it "vegan" lets the designer brands who have to fund their million-dollar ad campaigns charge nearly the same price for their plastic bags as they do for their much more expensive (to produce), leather models.  

If you see weekender bags sporting the "vegan" label, and are concerned, ask what the material really is. And if you do not receive a straight answer, continue shopping. 

Slightly above the PVC, imitation leather or "vegan" is bonded leather. Bonded leather is made from scrap leather, scrap PVC, fillers, and binding agents. A paste is created, heated, and spread thinly over a large surface, cooled, and cut into patterns to make the product. 

The problem with bonded leather is you'll never know how much actual leather is in the mix. Is it 90% scrap leather or just 10% leather and 90% plastic and fillers?  It's great for furniture if you want a leather sofa and have young children. Whether it's the right choice for your weekend getaway bag is up to you.

One way to tell if the model you're interested in is made from bonded leather is to smell it. Because of the high plastic and filler content, it doesn't have the smell of a full leather hide. It lacks the oil content that creates the leather scent. Consequently, it will not smell like anything.

If the manufacturer is claiming the bag is leather and it has no leather scent, there's an excellent chance it's bonded. There is nothing wrong with this as long as this is reflected in the price. A bonded leather travel bag should be much cheaper than one made from full or top grain hides. 

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Your Leather Weekend or Overnight Bag

Lastly, we have the $200+ category. For over $200 you can still find a made-made piece that will (or should) be made from the best nylons. The overall design should be professional and exude a sense of quality and luxury which should be backed up by the execution. Look for top-quality zippers and other premium metal hardware in a $200+ nylon model. 

As the man-made models reach their peak, the leather weekend or overnight bag is just getting warmed up. From a price point of just over $200 to the sky's the limit, how much you want or are willing to spend will dictate the quality of the bag you choose. 

Given that, like any product group, there is always a sweet spot where the quality of the product is well worth or exceeds the price being asked. For a top-quality leather weekender bag, look for a full or top-grain hide. Study the stitching. Is it consistent? Does it appear to have been sewn with care or slapped together? 

In this price range, the aesthetic design will take on a more important role. People who spend $500 on a leather overnight bag don't want it to look like a $50 one. They want it to look like they spent $1500. Design matters and goes a long way to giving a person the feeling that they bought the best overnight bag. 

Another trend in cut and sew design, especially leather overnight bag design is to create models whose designs look like they're from the 1850s. Why? Who thinks this is a good idea? Do you drive a car that looks like a horse and wagon? Do you wear clothing in the style of 150 years ago?

Typically, relying on the past to create a design for today, shows a lack of vision. When you're paying hundreds of dollars for an overnight travel bag, it should reflect a vision, an idea. This gives the product character and allows it to endear itself to you. 

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Zippers and Bottom Feet - Details Make a Difference

Hardware should be top quality as well. The plating and finish should be consistent. Look for brand-name zippers like YKK which have been around for decades. Most off-brand zippers are just cheap knock-offs of YKKs designs. 

Moreover, the interior should have the same sense of detail. Padded, lined, and assembled with the sense that whoever did the work cared about what they were doing. Are the pockets straight? Is the liner material durable or can you see it wearing early? 

Another detail to look for is the inclusion of bottom feet. This will keep your weekender bag off the ground, protect the bottom edges from excessive, premature wear and keep the bottom panel dry. This is often an overlooked feature by buyers until you set your expensive leather overnight bag down on the ground for the first time and the leather gets scraped. 

No one wants to fear putting their bag down on the ground each time they use it knowing they're wearing it out a bit more each time. The inclusion of bottom feet removes this stress. It's an "attention to detail" factor that can take a good design and move it into the "best overnight bags" category.

They are not that expensive to add to a design and will add years to the life of your leather overnight bag. When it comes to the wear caused by abrasion, steel wins out over leather every time. Look for bottom feet on the model you choose. 

The character and originality of the design, the overall quality of a bag, and the attention to detail in this price range should provide a much higher value to you in the long term. Your getaway companion should last longer and be something you or the valet are proud to pull out of the trunk of your car. 

In Conclusion

To summarize, the best way to shop for the best overnight bag is to:

  • Figure out what size will be comfortable for your body type
  • Think about your "must-have" features
  • Figure out how much you want to spend
  • Choose your materials, either man-made or natural
  • Be wary of marketing gimmicks and trendy "phrases"
  • Understand the materials. "Vegan" bags are made from something 
  • Look for attention to detail. Are there bottom feet? 
  • Find out about the company. Whats' their story? 
  • Is a more beautiful, modern design worth paying a bit more for?
  • Look for the best combination of materials, features, design, and warranty for the money you have to spend

Following these simple tips can ensure that the weekender bag you purchase will be the best one for you no matter where your gateway destination may be. 

If you found this article helpful or have a question, please leave a comment below. 


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