Leather Briefcases: The Art of Protection for MacBook Pro and iPad Pro

MacCase is a company founded on good design. Design is the marriage of aesthetics and functionality. Nowhere is this more evident than in our leather briefcases. Designed to move with you, they're easier to manage in crowded places and look great while doing it. Moreover, each is designed with the accrued knowledge of 20 years+ of experience protecting Apple portables.

Our recently updated vertical design can be used with any combination of MacBook Pro and iPad Pro. Our horizontal design is the definitive iPad Pro briefcase: Sleek and elegant yet functional. Each of our leather briefcases is hand-crafted one at a time for the ultimate in quality. Spend some time to get to know the one that's right for you.

Quality That Stands the Test of Time

Our Premium Leather Briefcase has been in constant production since it was introduced over a decade ago. This is very rare in an industry whose product life spans tend to be extremely short-lived. Why has our Briefcase stood the test of time? There are several reasons.

The first is that it's a timeless design. There is nothing about it that dates it. It's not trying to look pretentiously old like so many 21st century briefcases, and it's not trendy or ultra-modern in a way that will have it looking dated at some point in the future. This ability to create products that are timeless is an extremely hard thing to do, If it was easy, everyone would do it!

The second reason this case has been so successful is that it's made so well. The hides are the real deal. They're not bonded leather but full and top grain hides sewn with passion by leather artisans that care about the quality of their work.

Lastly, the vertical design is very unique and adds functionality. It's easy to move through crowded places, comfortable to wear and it doesn't look like your father's briefcase.

When you combine all these elements, you can start to understand how this leather briefcase has stood the test of time. We've recently updated the design with direct input from long-time users of this model. We've improved the overall storage options with an under-flap organizer and improved the comfort and durability with additional key changes.

The World's Best iPad Pro Briefcase?

Our Premium Leather iPad Pro Briefcase was created as part of a 4 product launch that feature new Folios, Flight Jackets, Sleeves and this case. This was the first horizontal leather briefcase in MacCase's history. It has also become one of our most successful.

Customers who use a 12.9 iPad Pro as their primary computer are typically professionals moving through the world in a professional way. Our Briefcase perfectly compliments this professional aesthetic.

Despite it's sleek exterior lines and thin profile, the case strikes a balance between a minimalist design and a place for everything. From a design standpoint, this is not easy to do.

With the timeless design vocabulary of all MacCase Premium Leather models. The iPad Pro Briefcase is just as home in an executive office environment as it is on a job site. The top and full-grain hides ensure it's up for any task with the durability and protection 12.9-inch iPad Pro users need.

An optional shoulder pad adds comfort and the optional iPhone slip case allows the poplar phone to be carried on the shoulder strap included with the case.

If you're are interested in either one of these leather briefcases, be sure to check out the options to expand comfort and functionality.