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  • Leather iPad Pro Cases - Which Color is Best For You?
  • Jody K. Deane
    Jody K. Deane

Leather iPad Pro Cases - Which Color is Best For You?

The MacCase Premium Leather iPad Pro cases: Same design, same functionality, but the colors they’re available in create two very different statements that appeal to two different types of customers. 

The best leather iPad Pro cases by MacCase

One of the most often asked questions by potential customers of our Premium Leather models is, “of your leather iPad Pro cases, which is more popular, the vintage or the black?”

While to popularity of each color is somewhat model dependent, the real question one might ask is, “which color is right for me, for the world I move through and which best resonates with my personality?

Color has an almost universal way of influencing the things we buy and the colors we buy them in. Take shoes. A pair of black shoes will send one message and make us feel one way. The same pair in bright orange will send a completely different message and will probably make us feel something completely different, despite being the same pair of shoes. 

Leather iPad Pro cases in classic pebble grain

Classic Pebble Grain Black

What we’ve seen in reference to the 2 production colors we offer is that, customers who inhabit more conservative environments like law offices, board meetings, real estate agencies or finance tend to choose their leather iPad Pro cases in the classic, black pebble grain hide. They tend to live is large cities east of the Mississippi river here in the United States. 

The popularity of the black hide has to a lot to do with these professional environments but also about how the leather iPad Pro case they choose is going to work with their business attire. A classic black pebble grain folio or sleeve will go with everything, reflect your good taste  and be the perfect tech accessory for moving through meetings with clients, associates, customers and coworkers. 

Another positive attribute for many customers who choose the black is that, because of the high quality of our hides, the black will look the same 5 years after they first unboxed it. The semi-sealed hide features a soft hand yet is very durable and will not patina in like the raw unfinished hide of the vintage brown. Our pebble grain black is consistent quality. It's a leather and a color you can count on day in and day out, year after year. 

leather iPad Pro cases in Vintage brown

Authentic Vintage Brown

Which brings us to the vintage brown hides and the leather iPad Pro cases we make from them. Whether you need a 9.7, 10.5 or 12.9 folio, sleeve or case, the statement the vintage makes is the same. Our raw, unfinished, distressed, vintage hides insures that no two vintage leather Folios that bare the MacCase name are exactly the same. Each piece will patina in over time so your case will only look like your case. It’s pure individualism in an age of perfect digital copies and it’s something that we are quite proud of. 

The patina effect the hide exudes is one of reasons the vintage brown is so popular. Where as the black is the same day in day out, the vintage will change. Not necessarily day to day, but as the weeks and months pass by, you will see the case evolve. It's a wonderful, natural experience and imbues the case to it's owner. 

Customers who live in the western part of the United States in places like Texas, Montana and Arizona choose the vintage because so much of the culture is steeped in the cowboy aesthetic and tradition. The vintage hide is the real deal, not a bonded leather painted up to look vintage. The marks, scratches and color variations in the leather are part of the tanning process and are authentic as the hides themselves. It's rugged individualism in the 21st century. 

Our vintage leather iPad Pro cases speak to the past and the future at the same time. So many of the leather iPad Pro cases out there lack character. Or worse, their character looks like it’s from the 1800’s. One of most difficult things to do in any product design is to acknowledge the past but look to the future at the same time. And do it without being sentimental or nostalgic. Our 9.7, 10.5 and 12.9 sleeves, folios and cases embrace this challenge head on.

Entreprenures, self made and creative individuals are drawn to the vintage because there’s a rebellious and heroic quality to the leather. While designs speak to their sense of timeless style and excellent functionality, it is the vintage leather that makes MacCase leather iPad Pro cases come alive for these customers. 


Custom Leather iPad Pro Cases

But what if your taste is not the classic conservatism of our pebble grain black or the rugged individualism of our vintage brown? We've got you covered there too. Our Custom Program offers an array of alternatives to the black and brown hides including tan, red, pink, gray, chocolate and blue. There are enough options available to match almost anyone's taste so if black or brown is not the drummer you march to, let us build a custom leather iPad Pro case for you. 

"The Vintage leather iPad Pro cases will patina in beautifully....."

  • Jody K. Deane

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